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Debt Purchase

Debt purchase

Your company no longer has to worry about collection of due receivables and provide resources to service them. We are here to take full care of the collection, with a thorough and professional approach and an emphasis on taking into consideration reputational risks, we are implementing an efficient collection process through the debt purchase. With the purchase of claims we relieve your business, positively influence your liquidity and provide reduction of negative balances.

Advantages of the debt purchase model:

  • cash available instantly, immediate increase in liquidity
  • saving time and resources
  • optimization of internal collection costs
  • increasing business efficiency
  • convenience for the debtor through agreement on the model and deadlines for repayment of the debt
The receivables portfolio which is being considered for purchase becomes the subject of analytical process. The structure of the portfolio, form and type of cases, general data on debtors are being are analyzed and the assessment of possible collection is made based on previous collection behavior of the debtor. Based on the determined state of the portfolio, and in accordance with business policy, we are trying to offer the most adequate price for the purchase.
After agreeing upon the offer and making the final deal, the contract is signed. Claims, as well as all relevant documentation, are transferred by contract to ODM Collections. The client no longer bears any risk or cost of collection. In the short term, the inflow of funds and continues with its business is relieved.